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Git(hub) introduction

INBO Git workshop and workflow

At INBO, people do write code and require version control. As git is not the most straightforward environment to work with for non-IT specialists, we try to define our own sub-ecosystem with relevant practices and an achievable workflow.

To introduce the concept of version control with Git and Github, a separate git course website is available here.

The git course provides an introduction on main terminology of Git based on 5 important tasks:

  1. Tell the story of your project
  2. Travel back in time
  3. Experiment with changes
  4. Backup your work
  5. Collaborate on projects

The hands-on session git with Rstudio is part of the course. It can also be used as a reference to the individual steps when using git.

When looking for a quick day-to-day workflow to use git(hub) with Rstudio, check the Rstudio workflow.