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Welcome to the tutorials website of the Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO). It contains a collection of guides, tutorials and further reading material on the installation, use and development of (research) software at our institute.

Getting started

When this is your first time checking this website, welcome! If you are looking for something specific, the website provides 3 options to search for relevant topics:

  • Categories: A (limited) set of general categories to classify the tutorials. For example, installation for support during installation of software or r for tutorials about the R programming language. Click on a category to get the relevant tutorials.
  • Tags: Check the cloud of tags listed on each page of the website and pick an item that would be relevant for your topic. By clicking on a specific tag, you will get an overview of the tutorials with this tag.
  • Search: Type any word in the search form and you will get a dropdown list of the pages which contain the word you are looking for.

Website menu

In addition to the navigation options explained in the previous section, pages are divided into 3 main section accessible in the menu:

  • Tutorials: The main bulk of pages, providing tutorials on a variety of topics.
  • Articles: Provides useful background information about topics, links to literature, etc.
  • Installation: Installation instructions for both system administrators and users.

The absence of a more granular menu is a deliberate decision to overcome the requirement to recreate a website menu when new tutorials are written. By using categories and tags, more flexibility is provided. The tags list, categories overview and search options are automatically updated when a new tutorial is added to the website.

Want to contribute?

Great news! By sharing information, we can effectively help each other. Moreover, a tutorial is useful for your future self as well ;-). Discovered something that could be useful to your colleagues? Instead of keeping a note or document on your own computer or drive, make it a tutorial and share it. Note that links/references to other resources are also useful to add, as this will enable others to find these resources.

Check the create tutorial page for more information on how to contribute to this website!

Technical information can be found in the Readme of the code repository.


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the website maintainers (main contributors listed here), create a new issue if you already have a GitHub account or email the IT helpdesk for more information.

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