n2khab 0.8.0 (2022-11-18)

  • Reference list namelist has been updated with improved type names (#163; thanks @jeroenvdborre).
  • Paper by De Saeger et al. (2017) is now referred in documentation of read_habitatmap() and derived functions (#165).
  • Git repository: branch master is replaced by main (#164).

n2khab 0.7.0 (2022-05-23)

  • Upgrade most vc-formatted data sources to the format of git2rdata version 0.4.0. In this version, files not optimized for version control (but rather for readability), are saved as csv instead of tsv files. For n2khab, this applies to the types and env_pressures data sources. Since it is expected that this upgrade is not compatible with older git2rdata versions, the version dependency for git2rdata has been updated (#161).
  • scheme_types data source: update typegroup membership of type 7210 in scheme GW_03.3 (#161).

n2khab 0.6.0 (2022-02-03)

New features

  • Function read_shallowgroundwater() to return the shallowgroundwater data source (#156).
  • Reference lists types, schemes, scheme_types, namelist were updated (#150, #151, #154, #158):
    • a few type name updates (thanks S. De Saeger);
    • updated value of groundw_dep for type 91F0;
    • environmental pressures ep_07.2 and ep_07.4 received updated (Dutch) explanations;
    • scheme HQ2190 has been replaced by two schemes HQ2190_terr and HQ2190_aq;
    • typegroups were defined for scheme GW_05.1_aq (with contributions from L. Denys & A. Leyssen).
  • Readme (homepage): a new installation method using inbo.r-universe.dev has been added and is recommended (#153, 746fb81).

n2khab 0.5.0 (2021-05-12)

Support for new data source versions

The following new data source versions are now supported by their associated reading functions:

Function documentation was updated accordingly and refined.

New functions

Other updates & internal changes


  • scheme_types data source: updates in typegroup memberships of MNE scheme GW_05.1_terr (#116)
  • expand_types() now also supports expanding 5130_hei to 5130 (#143)

n2khab 0.4.0 (2021-02-10)

New feature

Updates & internal changes


  • Update namelist data source: Dutch shortname of one type changed (#102).
  • Drop dependency on sp, which was used for CRS handling in a few functions (#103).
  • Minor updates in documentation and vignettes to solve newly encountered errors and notes in R CMD check (#107).

Repo and website maintenance

  • Update and extend Readme (homepage) and Contributing Guide (#97, #110), including:
    • instruction for upgrading the package;
    • note on handling proj4string warnings;
    • improved explanation of git workflows in developing the package.
  • Continuous integration: leave Travis CI; add new GitHub Actions workflows (#108).
  • Website: larger fontsize; Ubuntu Mono font for code; consistent colouring of hyperlinks (#110).

n2khab 0.3.1 (2020-10-26)

Minor patch

  • read_watersurfaces() has been limited explicitly to using data source version ‘watersurfaces_v1.0’. Accommodation of the newer ‘watersurfaces_v1.1’ is planned for later.

n2khab 0.3.0 (2020-10-16)

Breaking change

  • Functions that preprocess (non-included) N2KHAB data sources have been simplified by dropping their path argument (#92). Existing R code will continue to run normally if you complied with the recommended file organization (see vignette("v020_datastorage") and vignette("v022_example")) and did not set the path and file arguments.

New features

  • New function read_habitatquarries() for reading the habitatquarries data source (#83, #94, inbo/n2khab-preprocessing/pull/41).
  • Updates in reference lists (#88, #93, 7ce3b32):
    • schemes & scheme_types: updates of spatial restrictions, names and typegroup names of MNE schemes (for defining the schemes’ target populations);
    • types: update groundwater dependency of type 2170.

Internal changes

  • Harden CRS representations (#84)
  • Re-integrate download_zenodo() (from inborutils) (#89)
  • Drop some package dependencies to speed up package loading (#89, #90)

n2khab 0.2.0 (2020-05-08)

New features

  • Updates in reference lists (#64, #65, #69, e69cd52):
    • types: updates of flood dependency scores and hydrological class of several types, following several expert discussions and checks
    • schemes & scheme_types: updates regarding spatial restrictions, types and typegroup memberships of MNE schemes (for defining the schemes’ target populations); added MHQ scheme ‘HQ2120’
    • env_pressures: updated explanations. Each pressure now has its own explanation
    • namelist: according updates
  • renv framework implemented to enhance reproducibility of generating the built-in textual data sources (#72)
  • read_env_pressures(): an extra column ‘remarks’ is now returned (#65)
  • New function read_soilmap() for reading the soilmap or processed soilmap_simple data sources (#29; inbo/n2khab-preprocessing/pull/34)
  • Vignette to demonstrate package & data setup, using read_soilmap() as an example target (#29)
  • read_habitatsprings() accommodates the latest version of the habitatsprings data source (#62, 5604002)
  • read_habitatsprings() optionally aggregates points to (population) units (#70)
  • read_habitatmap_terr() now drops occurrences of type 7220 by default, given the information returned by read_habitatsprings() (#71)

Further, a number of smaller fixes and enhancements were made.

n2khab 0.1.2 (2020-03-04)


n2khab 0.1.1 (2020-02-26)


n2khab 0.1.0 (2020-01-30)

Features of the first stable release

  • Core reading and preprocessing functions
  • Several built-in checklists (among which: types and env_pressures)
  • Function documentation
  • 4 tutorials (vignettes / articles)
  • A reexport of download_zenodo() from inborutils
  • Website built with pkgdown

Historical note

This package is the successor of the ‘n2khabutils’ package. Previous to commit c8608d9, the code was part of the n2khab-monitoring repo (formerly ‘n2khab-inputs’), where the original version history remains stored. At that time, the package was called ‘n2khabutils’. As a convenience, the n2khab repo still holds the rewritten (shrinked) package history from before commit c8608d9, as defined by the related files and folders. See this issue in the ‘n2khab-monitoring’ repo, where the migration is documented.