Returns the raw data source habitatmap (De Saeger et al., 2020) as a standardized sf multipolygon layer (tidyverse-styled, internationalized) in the Belgian Lambert 72 CRS (EPSG-code 31370). Given the size of the data source, this function takes a bit longer than usual to run.

  file = file.path(fileman_up("n2khab_data"), "10_raw/habitatmap"),
  filter_hab = FALSE,
  version = c("habitatmap_2020", "habitatmap_2018")



The absolute or relative file path of the data source. The default follows the data management advice in the vignette on data storage (run vignette("v020_datastorage")). It uses the first n2khab_data folder that is found when sequentially climbing up 0 to 10 levels in the file system hierarchy, starting from the working directory.


If TRUE only polygons that (partially) contain habitat or a regionally important biotope (RIB) are returned. The default value is FALSE. This requires the corresponding version of the processed data source habitatmap_stdized to be present in its default location inside the n2khab_data folder.


Version ID of the data source. Defaults to the latest available version defined by the package.


A Simple feature collection of type MULTIPOLYGON.


  • De Saeger, S., Guelinckx, R., Oosterlynck, P., De Bruyn, A., Debusschere, K., Dhaluin, P., Erens, R., Hendrickx, P., Hennebel, D., Jacobs, I., Kumpen, M., Opdebeeck, J., Spanhove, T., Tamsyn, W., Van Oost, F., Van Dam, G., Van Hove, M., Wils, C., Paelinckx, D. (2020). Biologische Waarderingskaart en Natura 2000 Habitatkaart, uitgave 2020. (Rapporten van het Instituut voor Natuur- en Bosonderzoek; Nr. 35). Instituut voor Natuur- en Bosonderzoek (INBO). doi:10.21436/inbor.18840851 .

  • De Saeger, S., Oosterlynck, P. & Paelinckx, D. (2017). The Biological Valuation Map (BVM): a field-driven survey of land cover and vegetation in the Flemish Region of Belgium. Documents phytosociologiques - Actes du colloque de Saint-Mandé 2012 - Prodrome et cartographie des végétations de France - 2017. Vol. 6: 372-382.

See also

Other functions involved in processing the 'habitatmap' data source: read_habitatmap_stdized(), read_habitatmap_terr(), read_watersurfaces_hab()


if (FALSE) {
# This example supposes that your working directory or a directory up to 10
# levels above has the 'n2khab_data' folder AND that the latest version of
# the 'habitatmap'
# data source is present in the default subdirectory.
# In all other cases, this example won't work but at least you can
# consider what to do.

hm <- read_habitatmap()