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Code coverage

Setting up code coverage

R CMD check has a large set of generic quality tests on a package. It is impossible to create generic tests that check the content of the package. E.g. does each function return sensible results. However, R CMD check does run a set unit tests. These are small pieces of code written by the package developer which test the output of a specific function under specific circumstances. We highly recommend the testthat framework for writing unit tests.

Combining code coverage and Wercker

A useful tool to visualise the coverage of the package by unit tests, is codecov. It can be added to the Wercker application by:

  • login to (via GitHub) and copy the token
  • add it to the tab Environment on Key = CODECOV_TOKEN, Value = (paste the token) and tick ‘Protected’ to prevent it from being viewed. This makes it secure.

Note that it only makes sense when the wercker.yaml has a inbobmk/r-coverage or jimhester/r-coverage step.