National checklists and red lists for European butterflies


This repository contains the functionality to standardize the National checklists and red lists for European butterflies to a Darwin Core checklist that can be harvested by GBIF.

The repository also includes the script to integrate red lists, calculate weighted red list values, and create the tables and figures for Maes et al. (2019).

Repo structure

The repository structure is based on Cookiecutter Data Science and the Checklist recipe. Files and directories indicated with GENERATED should not be edited manually.

├──              : Description of this repository
├── LICENSE                : Repository license
├── eurobutt-checklist.Rproj : RStudio project file
├── .gitignore             : Files and directories to be ignored by git
├── data
│   ├── raw                : Source data from Google Spreadsheet, input for scripts GENERATED
│   ├── interim            : Interim data created for analysis GENERATED
│   └── processed          : Darwin Core output of mapping script GENERATED
├── docs                   : Repository website GENERATED
├── reports                : Figures and tables as output of analysis GENERATED
└── src
    ├── dwc_mapping.Rmd    : Darwin Core mapping script
    ├── integrating_rl.Rmd : Analysis script to integrate red lists
    ├── _site.yml          : Settings to build website in docs/
    └── index.Rmd          : Template for website homepage


  1. Clone this repository to your computer
  2. Open the RStudio project file
  3. Open the dwc_mapping.Rmd R Markdown file in RStudio
  4. Install any required packages
  5. Click Run > Run All to generate the processed data
  6. Alternatively, click Build > Build website to generate the processed data and build the website in docs/


List of contributors


MIT License