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Download all acoustic data related to an animal project as a data package that can be deposited in a research data repository. Includes option to filter on scientific names.


  connection = con,
  scientific_name = NULL,
  directory = animal_project_code



A connection to the ETN database. Defaults to con.


Character. Animal project you want to download data for. Required.


Character (vector). One or more scientific names. Defaults to no all (all scientific names, include "Sync tag", etc.).


Character. Relative path to local download directory. Defaults to creating a directory named after animal project code. Existing files of the same name will be overwritten.


The data are downloaded as a Frictionless Data Package containing:

animals.csvAnimals related to an animal_project_code, optionally filtered on scientific_name(s), as returned by get_animals().
tags.csvTags associated with the selected animals, as returned by get_tags().
detections.csvAcoustic detections for the selected animals, as returned by get_acoustic_detections().
deployments.csvAcoustic deployments for the acoustic_project_code(s) found in detections, as returned by get_acoustic_deployments(). This allows users to see when receivers were deployed, even if these did not detect the selected animals.
receivers.csvAcoustic receivers for the selected deployments, as returned by get_acoustic_receivers().
datapackage.jsonA Frictionless Table Schema metadata file describing the fields and relations of the above csv files. This file is copied from here and can be used to validate the data package.

The function will report the number of records per csv file, as well as the included scientific names and acoustic projects. Warnings will be raised for:

  • Animals with multiple tags

  • Tags associated with multiple animals

  • Deployments without acoustic project: these deployments will not be listed in deployments.csv and will therefore raise a foreign key validation error.

  • Duplicate detections: detections with the duplicate detection_id. These are removed by the function in detections.csv.

Important: The data are downloaded as is from the database, i.e. no quality or consistency checks are performed by this function. We therefore recommend to verify the data before publication. A consistency check can be performed by validation tools of the Frictionless Framework, e.g. frictionless validate datapackage.json on the command line using frictionless-py.


if (FALSE) {
# Set default connection variable
con <- connect_to_etn()

# Download data for the 2012_leopoldkanaal animal project (all scientific names)
download_acoustic_dataset(animal_project_code = "2012_leopoldkanaal")
#> Downloading data to directory `2012_leopoldkanaal`:
#> * (1/6): downloading animals.csv
#> * (2/6): downloading tags.csv
#> * (3/6): downloading detections.csv
#> * (4/6): downloading deployments.csv
#> * (5/6): downloading receivers.csv
#> * (6/6): adding datapackage.json as file metadata
#> Summary statistics for dataset `2012_leopoldkanaal`:
#> * number of animals:           104
#> * number of tags:              103
#> * number of detections:        2215243
#> * number of deployments:       1968
#> * number of receivers:         454
#> * first date of detection:     2012-07-04
#> * last date of detection:      2021-09-02
#> * included scientific names:   Anguilla anguilla
#> * included acoustic projects:  albert, Apelafico, bpns, JJ_Belwind, leopold, MOBEIA, pc4c, SPAWNSEIS, ws2, zeeschelde
#> Warning message:
#> In download_acoustic_dataset(animal_project_code = "2012_leopoldkanaal") :
#> Found tags associated with multiple animals: 1145373