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camtraptor 0.25.0

  • read_camtrap_dp() detects Camtrap DP version from package$profile using regex (#295). This supports reading Camtrap DPs created by the GBIF IPT.

camtraptor 0.24.0

  • Replicate old Camtrap DP 0.1.6 behaviour and populate angle and radius for event-based observations. Values are taken from the first media-based observation (fields individualPositionRadius and individualPositionAngle) for each eventID/individualID combination (#291).

camtraptor 0.23.0

camtraptor 0.22.0

camtraptor 0.21.0

  • read_camtrap_dp() supports Camtrap DP 1.0 (upcoming Agouti export format) in favour of Camtrap DP 1.0-rc.1 (#284). To avoid breaking changes to users, it will down-convert Camtrap DP 1.0 to 0.1.6 which is currently used as internal data model for camtraptor.
  • get_custom_effort() now calculates per calendar month/week (#219).
  • write_dwc() has an updated mapping for dwc_audubon.csv (#274).
  • get_record_table() returns the number of observed individuals (#279).
  • get_cam_op() allows to add session and camera IDs to the station names output (#288).