The R-package watina contains functions to query and process data from the Watina database at the Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO). This database is focused on groundwater data in natural areas in Flanders (Belgium) and provides:

  • groundwater level and chemical data;
  • data from hydrostatic pressure sensors (mainly groundwater);
  • data from atmospheric pressure sensors;
  • a more limited number of surface water level and chemical data.

Currently the R package won’t work outside INBO.

Installing and using the watina package

Option 1: from r-universe repository (quickest)

To install the current package version from the main branch (latest stable release), run:

install.packages("watina", repos = c(inbo = "https://inbo.r-universe.dev", 
                                     CRAN = "https://cloud.r-project.org"))

The above provides a pre-compiled package for Windows and macOS, which should be faster than below approaches. INBO staff should have the INBO repository enabled already (check with getOption("repos")), in which case install.packages("watina") is all you need!

Option 2, from source: installing without vignettes (quick)

Sys.setenv(R_REMOTES_NO_ERRORS_FROM_WARNINGS = "true") # as a precaution
remotes::install_github("inbo/watina", upgrade = TRUE)

You can consult the vignettes of the latest release on the (this) pkgdown website: click on ‘Articles’ at the top.

Option 3, from source: installing with vignettes

Sys.setenv(R_REMOTES_NO_ERRORS_FROM_WARNINGS = "true") # as a precaution
if (!("nycflights13" %in% installed.packages())) {
    install.packages("nycflights13")} # to prevent dbplyr from interrupting next step
                        build_vignettes = TRUE,
                        upgrade = TRUE)

Note that this will install the package from the main branch. If you need a version from another branch, add the ref argument in the above function to provide the branch name.

You are welcome to contribute!

Please have a look at our contributing guide!