'scheme_types' is a data source in the vc-format which lists the types (using the type-code from types) that belong to each N2KHAB (monitoring or research) scheme (using the scheme-code from schemes). It also defines typegroup memberships of the types within specific schemes, if applicable. The codes of schemes and types (and optionally: typegroups) are explained in the data source namelist (which can accommodate multiple languages).


A vc-formatted data source. As such, it corresponds to a dataframe with 3 variables:


Code of the scheme, as a factor, and explained by namelist. It must be represented in schemes.


Code of the type, as a factor, and explained by namelist. It must be represented in types.


An optional code (and optionally explained by namelist), declaring the typegroup to which a type belongs within the specified scheme. Typegroups point out which types are considered together as a group in inferences for the scheme at hand.

Each combination of scheme and type must be unique.


  • For the MNE-schemes:

    • the link between schemes and types comes from a vc-formatted, Dutch-language data source which can be found in the n2khab Github repository: misc/generate_textdata/rawraw_data/10_compmeetnet_types_milieudrukken. This data source was originally generated in the n2khab-mne-selections repository (https://gitlab.com/florisvdh/n2khab-mne-selections).

    • the declaration of typegroups comes from this googlesheet. Currently, the typegroups are kept up to date both in the googlesheet and in the data source.

Typical way of loading


read_scheme_types(lang = "nl")

Corresponding datafiles in the installed package



See also


Other n2khab-referencelists: env_pressures, namelist, schemes, types