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If your unaware of the coding club existence, make sure to check the coding club introduction page on intranet. In short, the coding club is open to anyone who want to develop R skills in a pleasant and supportive environment to do research more effectively.

The next coding club will take place on Tuesday 26 February, room 01.70 - Ferdinand Peeters at Herman Teirlinck (Tour & Taxis Brussels), 10-12h. The topic of this coding club is geospatial data handling in R and more specific working with simple features (sf), also known as vector data (cfr. stored in shapefiles or geojson files). Hence we will try to read in files, transform data, combine the spatial data with non-spatial data, etc. (Notice, making maps will be the topic of a follow-up coding club.)

The concept of the coding club remains the same: everyone works together and learns from each other. We will provide some challenges and appropriate test cases. As always, presence at previous edition is not required to join in this time, you can just jump in this edition as well.

To subscribe, fill in your name on this gsheet. The limitation of subscriptions is defined by the number of spaces in the room.

See you all theRe in good shape,

Raïsa, Emma, Dirk, Hans, Damiano


Hackmd template

We created an hackmd template you can start from.

Here below a practical example as well:

26 April, 2018


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Damiano Oldoni | 

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Title: “yyyy-mm-dd - topic - INBO coding club”. Example: “2020-06-30 - functional programming in R with purrr - INBO coding club”

Description: short description of the topic, typically a copy paste from the invitation email. Add link to slides and hackmd and level (beginners, intermediate, …) at the end. Example:

The topic of this INBO coding club edition is functional programming in R, alias loops on steroids. We will be using the package purrr, part of the tidyverse universe, which provides a complete and consistent set of tools to work with functions and vectors. If you have never heard about it, this INBO coding club session is the perfect occasion to learn it in a friendly and informal environment. For who already knows purrr, e.g. its map() functions, this session will offer the opportunity to increase the knowledge of this very powerful package.
Slides: https://inbo.github.io/coding-club/sessions/20200630_functional_programming.html#1
Hackmd: https://hackmd.io/ZDc7gTTHRm-ZcjYq_2f2Fg?view
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programming, INBO coding club, R, functional programming, purrr, tidyverse

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